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April 08 2016


Digital Revolution Is now!

60 billion emails are sent daily. 1 billion people around the globe are online. Email changed the way you communicate, video is beginning to change the entire world...particularly for people who can easily see it!

Therefore you'll be able so that you can send a contact in video format (the recipient can easily see and hear you), instead of just common boring text, to anyone in the world! You will have the ability to do video blogging, podcasting, video IM, and live web broadcasting (all from account if need be)!

The net is beginning to change in to a place where all media, entertainment and data meet. Today, approximately $2 Billion per year has been used on streaming media services. The dpi is projected to cultivate to $12 billion over the next several years, in accordance with industry analysts!

Digital age is here to stay. Streaming video is easily learning to be a standard fixture on many popular websites, and just from the infancy stage!

A digital Age will take the largest paradigm shift that our society has experienced. It's slowly crept upon us in order that most people are surprised to find that they have an electronic life.

Though the vacation photos which were sitting in your digital camera or cellular phone as well as the
songs that you just downloaded from the web are certainly not going away. Nor is the Digital Age. Time Magazine confirmed just as much by recently selecting all web 2.0 content creators for their "2007 Person of year."

So if you're ready for the new method to communicate and online community, streaming video is a tool you need to wish to examine!

Equipping a generation to take its place in digital revolution | Jamie Lee Brett | TEDxWandsworth 

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